Papers in progress

Cahlikova, Tereza, Philipp Trein (2021). “The Digital Political System and Democratic Legitimacy.”

Trein, Philipp. (2021). “Go Work, Integrate Well, and Live Healthy! The Politics of Integrating New Social Regulations into the Welfare State.” (full text)

Trein, Philipp. (2020). “The Paradox of Prevention: Authoritarian Past and Liberal Democracy in Times of Crisis.” (full text)

Fossati, Flavia, Philipp Trein. (2021). “Protection but no Control: Liberal Democracy and the Politicization of Crisis Response Policies.” (full text)

Trein, Philipp, Martino Maggetti. (2022). “Multilevel Governance, Denationalization, and the Re-centering of Government.” (full text)

Trein, Philipp. (2020). “The Politicization of Public Health: Institutions, Professions and Discourse Coalitions in Tobacco Control.” (full text)

Lemke, Nicole, Philipp Trein, Frédéric Varone (2022). “Defining Artificial Intelligence as a Political Problem: A Discourse Network Analysis from Germany.” (full text)

Trein, Philipp, Frédéric Varone. (2022). “Citizens’ Opinion about the Use of Personal Data for Public Policy: Trust and Issue Importance.” (full text)

Trein, Philipp, Martino Maggetti. (2021). “Policy Integration, Institutional Change, and the Governance of Complex Problems.”

Lemke, Nicole, Philipp Trein, Frédéric Varone. (2012). “Grasping Policy Subsystem Maturity by Analyzing Policy Discourses Across Venues.”

Deruelle, Thibaud, Veronika Kalougina, Philipp Trein, Joël Wagner. (2022). “Storage and Sharing of Personalized Health Data.”

Ansell, Christopher K., Philipp Trein. (2021). “Problem-solving and Powering in Democratic Governance.”

Orr, Kevin, Philipp Trein. (2021). “Collaborative Governance and Street-level Policy Entrepreneurship.”

Philipp Trein, Bastien Presset. (2021). “Politicization and Feedback Effects in Collaborative Innovation.”